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Bryn-Y-Maen Animal Centre

Bryn Y Maen ReceptionThe animal centre at Bryn-Y-Maen was originally set up by the former Colwyn Bay branch and Aberconwy branch. Whilst the centre was taken over by the national society in 1992 we obviously still have a deep interest in its future. Indeed, we have some £140,000 set aside for rebuilding the small animal block which we hope will start in March 2010. It is situated in the village of Bryn-Y-Maen on the road from Colwyn Bay to Llanrwst MAP.

The centre deals exclusively with animals in need of re-homing due to welfare concerns and with so-called 'case animals' whose owners are being investigated about animal cruelty. Under current legislation these animals cannot be re-homed and so they have to care for them during the months -or sometimes years!- it takes for prosecutions to be heard. This obviously means that the spaces available for simple re-homing cases are limited.

The centre is open from 11.00am to 4.00pm every day apart from Wednesday, and can be contacted on 0300 123 0745 between these hours. At times there is a shortage of staff to answer the phone, so if the answerphone is switched on please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

There is an ongoing need for blankets etc. for sickly animals and pet food. You can donate them at any of our shops in Prestatyn, Rhyl, Old Colwyn or Colwyn Bay. You can also support the centre by becoming a member of the Friends of Bryn-Y-Maen. This costs £5.00 per annum and helps to fund projects that RSPCA HQ cannot or will not fund. Your contribution will directly benefit all those animals that come through the centre. There is also website for the Friends of Bryn-Y-Maen.


Building work on the Small Animal Unit has now been completed and is almost full already. The official opening is scheduled for the 16th April, 2011. The unit is absolutely wonderful and worth every penny spent on it. The facilities for animals and staff are second to none.

Outside view of the new unit at Bryn-Y-Maen Outside view of the new unit at Bryn-Y-Maen

Work has now started on the new small animal unit at Bryn-Y-Maen, with the demolition of the old unit. We are pictured handing over a cheque for £190,000.00 to enable the work to be done. Our contribution is £140,000.00 but we have agreed to cover a further £50,000.00 to ensure that the work gets carried out now - we have been waiting over ten years for it to be done!

Representatives of the Clwyd and Colwyn branch hand over a cheque for £190000 for the building of the new unit at Bryn-Y-Maen

From left to right:
George Taylor (trustee), Becky Lloyd (centre manager),
Bill Faint (treasurer) and Sylvia Moss (trustee)